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Opening ceremony

The Italian group’s adventure started on 3rd April 2011 at 11 o’clock when they met in front of their school, Liceo Quadri in Vicenza. It was the first time they saw their fellow passengers but after a little embarrassing moment they suddenly became friends and started to talk to each other.

They left Vicenza around 11:15 and reached Verona’s airport an hour and a quarter later. They did the check-in as soon as they arrived and then they spent time walking around the little airport. It was really, really boring because they had to wait there for almost two hours and there weren’t any interesting shops.

At 14:55, at last, the plane left Italy and they reached Germany an hour and a half later. Unfortunately they didn’t find good weather like in Italy because it rained but… whatever! They were in an amazing foreign country so it really doesn’t matter what the weather is like. ^ ^

When they arrived in Hattingen they met their host families. Some of them had the opportunity to have a little preview of the Gymnasium Waldstraße. Then they finally attended the opening ceremony in the auditorium of the school. A lot of people were there and it was amazing to hear so many different languages all together. There were many guys preparing the buffet with typical food from every country but awfully there wasn’t Italian food. The Italian group apologizes for that but they have problems carrying food on the plane. :(

At 19:00 the opening evening finally began and everybody listened to a brief presentation of every country involved in the project. At the end of the videos all the people had to take part in a game thus they were divided into eleven groups. The members of each group were chosen randomly and they had a particular task. They had half an hour to build a stable bridge only with papers and glue. The winning group was number 6. It was really funny and it was great because it made you communicate with people from other countries.

Perfect start for a perfect week!